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The core process at Northeimer is providing reliable crimped connections, interconnecting cables, harnesses, and wiring.

To further ensure the quality of the products we provide to our customers, Northeimer has upgraded our capability to analyze our crimps through the purchase and implementation of Schleuniger’s MicroGraph System (MGS).  The MGS is a complete system for making cross-sectional analysis for a variety of different products.

Crimp cross-sectional analysis is an integral part of the quality process.  According to Sergio Ulloa, Chief Operations Officer, implementation of this system is yet another step forward in Northeimer’s quality control.  “The MGS is going to allow us precise analysis of all pressure applied terminations, including strand deformation and area dimensioning.”

Our quality inspectors are able to bisect a crimped contact and verify its properties.  The formation of the crimp is held to the specifications of the manufacturer, and the analysis ensures consistent output to those specifications.

AS9100 QMS Certification

Northeimer receives AS9100 Aerospace QMS Certification again!

In support of our Aerospace and Military projects, Northeimer initiated the goal of AS9100 certification in Q4 of 2015. We successfully completed audits and met standards and was issued our certification on Feb 22 2023 by our registrar nqa global assurance.

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  • Medical
  • Rail
  • Aviation
  • Military
  • Industrial

Typical Product Capabilites

  • Robotic (Igus type) assemblies including pneumatic & hydraulic lines
  • Data cables
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Sensor assemblies
  • Flat IDC, shielded for high-density  interconnect applications
  • Very High Density Cable Interconnects  (VHDCI)
  • Ribbon, including .025 FEP and TPE for ULTRA SCSI applications
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Co-axial cables and assemblies
  • Discrete wire harnesses


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