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Northeimer's Facility

Northeimer headquarters is located in Leesport Pennsylvania where employees with a traditional strong work ethic and inclination to being precise, help us to provide a competitive solution for our customers’ needs. This new plant provides a flexible and efficient production facility. 


Northeimer's Capabilities

Northeimer provides extensive expertise in product development and manufacturing of complex wiring systems for a variety of market segments, such as healthcare, rail, off-road vehicle, unmanned avionics, laboratory equipment and plastics industry.


Northeimer's Activities

  • Production of prototypes, small and large scale production
  • Processing of wires, sheathed cables, hybrid cables, optical fiber and coaxial cables
  • Diameters from 30 awg to 00 awg
  • Crimping, brazing, soldering, IDC, ultrasonic and resistance welding
  • Manufacture of IGUS type flex assemblies containing air and water hoses
  • Pendant, plenum and power supply cables
  • Complete continuity testing, and the option for full functional testing of assemblies
  • Economic outsourcing of targeted assembly operations, such as machined parts
  • Assemblies including PCB, sheet metal panels, and enclosures with graphics
Northeimer acquires and maintains the most current and highest quality process equipment
  • Approximately 45 automatic devices for cable processing, including Schleuniger and Komax
  • Komax devices for marking, stripping and crimping
  • Automatic in line laminating label and inkjet identification systems
  • Hellerman-Tyton automatic cable tie machines
  • Approximately 100 tabletop presses, including TE, Molex, Komax, JST, and Panduit
  • Heavy payload cable dereelers
  • Manual presses from a variety of manufacturers
  • Extensive tooling for Military type contacts
  • Multi-step process machines for coaxial cable
  • Approximately 25 crimping machines with more than 400 crimping tools
  • Sonobond ultrasound welding machines
  • High tensile test equipment
  • Approximately 25 electronic testers, including Cirris high voltage and continuity testers
  • Schleuniger crimp quality micrograph laboratory
  • Specialized processing equipment for 28 and 30 awg hi-flex wire
  • Semi-automatic applicators, such as TE and Molex, for multi conductor cable processing


  • Medical
  • Rail
  • Aviation
  • Military
  • Industrial

Typical Product Capabilites

  • Robotic (Igus type) assemblies including pneumatic & hydraulic lines
  • Data cables
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Sensor assemblies
  • Flat IDC, shielded for high-density  interconnect applications
  • Very High Density Cable Interconnects  (VHDCI)
  • Ribbon, including .025 FEP and TPE for ULTRA SCSI applications
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Co-axial cables and assemblies
  • Discrete wire harnesses


2670 Leiscz's Bridge Rd.
Suite 500
Leesport, PA 19533
Tel: (610) 926-1136
Fax: (610) 926-0702